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Beach Banquet
Beach Banquet

The Banquet Room

The Banquet Room is the perfect place to host your next wedding reception, birthday party, Christmas party, or any event with a large number of guests. 


Includes WiFi, tables, chairs, and HDMI capable television. You are welcome to use our Comcast cable during your rental event as well.


~The Banquet Room~ Our banquet room is approximately 5,000 sq. feet with a max capacity of 364 people.

~Also included is usage of the refrigerator and freezer.

 Enjoy easy access to the building from our new parking lot located in the rear of the building with handicap access. 

When choosing your package please keep in mind that the 6 Hour Rental would mean that you must use the building in consecutive hours for set-up and holding your event. We give one additional hour after your event for clean up.  You may move the table and chair set-up to meet your needs. As we are a volunteer organization, we are not available to set up the rooms to your liking. 

Bingo Games Held in Our Building:

If you are holding a Bingo in our building, please be advised that we are not responsible for holding your event. The Bingo board is included in the rental as it is mounted to the wall. Our Bingo ball machine may be RENTED for your event at an additional fee. You will be help financially responsible for the machine during your rental. If you need a Bingo caller, please contact us and we can check the availability of one of our members that has full knowledge of calling and our equipment, however, we are not required to "call" a Bingo game.


All of the packages include usage of the restrooms, lobby area with coat racks , and the refrigerator. 

If you intend on cooking food in any fashion please choose the with Kitchen package. For already prepared food storage such as refrigeration of cake and sandwiches in the kitchen, you would not need the kitchen package.


Cleaning products are available in the closet located beside the restrooms in the event of an accident during your rental. 

When placing your rental, you may either pay the entire balance or pay the deposit amount. When paying the deposit, please keep in mind that your entire rental will need to be paid in full at least 14 days before your event.

All Day Rental

$720.00       Deposit $144.00

All Day Rental & Kitchen

$880.00    Deposit $176.00

6 Hour Rental

$430.00     Deposit $86.00

6 Hour Rental & Kitchen

$590.00     Deposit $118.00

Hourly Rental

$115/ hour

Banquet Room

The Kitchen

The kitchen can be added to either the Banquet Room or Meeting Room Rental. Everything in our Kitchen may be utilized, with the exceptions of the dishwasher, industrial potato peeler, and the deep fryer. 

What your rental fee is used for.....managing a building requires funds. Your rental fee is used for paying building expenses. Electricity, gas, oil, sewer, air conditioning, paper products, cleaning products, building maintenance from usage, and overall costs of keeping the building in the same beautiful condition as the day it was finished being constructed.  We appreciate you renting with us, supporting the community, and the Sugar Valley Volunteer Fire Department. 

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